• Match History for Aexl  -   Level: 12    Score: 180    Games; GDI: 16    Nod: 38    Scrin: 47
  • Date Time Duration Type Map Result Pts Exit Pts Faction Players MatchID
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    17 Nov 1800:24:094:54sunranked[1.02+] Smashed Dustbowl (2)WinBHTheBigKP 0848f5cf9447
    17 Nov 1800:20:021:1sunranked[1.02+] Asteroid Battleground (2)LossT-59TheBigKP 3618b4e65249
    15 Nov 1821:42:088:52sunranked[1.02+] Tournament Rift (2)WinScrinTheBigKP b7fca687ed91
    15 Nov 1821:26:1011:42sunranked[1.02+] Tournament Arena (2)WinGDITheBigKP b84affdf0e71
    14 Nov 1817:41:0814:22sunranked[1.02+] Tournament Arena (2)WinSTTheBigKP f8cb003b7263
    11 Nov 1820:58:5028:44sunranked[1.02+] Tournament Arena (2)WinScrinTheBigKP ae6b45201fce
    11 Nov 1820:40:415:34sunranked[1.02+] Tournament Towerless (2)WinBHTheBigKP e63a5ef84d4a
    11 Nov 1820:35:042:37sunranked[1.02+] Pipeline Problems (2)WinBHTheBigKP acc50113513d
    6 Nov 1822:55:1412:8sunrankedEnd of the LineLossScrinkamanq , SaRMaT33 , TheBigKP cf4b5153cf38
    6 Nov 1822:10:0517:29sunrankedTournament DustbowlWinBHTheBigKP ec9b0716838b
    6 Nov 1800:25:3924:30sunranked!04K B815@8O III (5)WinBHAnalchik , TheBigKP , koss89 70bfe93d2d93
    6 Nov 1800:01:348:22sunrankedTiberium Gardens III (5)WinT-59koss89 , Analchik , TheBigKP 7aeb7a28c687
    5 Nov 1823:47:312:20sunrankedTiberium Gardens III (5)WinScrinkoss89 , Analchik , TheBigKP 1f8bc7114fbf
    5 Nov 1818:52:0211:2sunranked[1.02+] Tournament Arena (2)WinGDITheBigKP 2d4186fd9e30
    3 Nov 1820:48:126:18sunrankedTournament ArenaLossBH-X_x_X- 0c616eae5284
    3 Nov 1820:37:599:6sunrankedTournament ArenaWinBHEA_Account_Name 171533408d1f
    1 Nov 1818:39:1714:26sunranked[1.02+] Twisted Rift (2)WinSTTheBigKP 640b5dbfcbd1
    31 Oct 1815:23:0213:19sunrankedRiverside Rumble (2)WinSTTheBigKP 229feaa0664b
    31 Oct 1815:03:3411:46sunrankedTournament Desert Redux (2)WinGDITheBigKP 8d73feb1e1e6
    31 Oct 1814:13:4613:56sunranked[1.02+] Tournament Undergrounds (2)LossR-17TheBigKP 1a2f4e7a113a
    31 Oct 1814:03:273:5sunranked[1.02+] Tournament Airstrip (2)WinSTTheBigKP 9977f5a614ca
    31 Oct 1813:46:1812:38sunranked[1.02+] Twisted Arena (2)WinSTTheBigKP 292a11366408
    29 Oct 1822:30:029:53sunranked[1.02+] Tournament Dustbowl (2)WinBHTheBigKP 8daae84b0689
    29 Oct 1822:18:269:28sunranked[1.02+] Tournament Arena (2)WinBHTheBigKP 0c4f1b9b868e
    28 Oct 1823:16:227:3sunrankedTournament ArenaWinScrinanthraxxx 4fcb365ea285