• Match History for AEnima  -   Level: 47    Score: 2538    Games; GDI: 486    Nod: 198    Scrin: 148
  • Date Time Duration Type Map Result Pts Exit Pts Faction Players MatchID
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    29 Jan 1815:24:3710:38sunrankedTournament ArenaWinZOCOMTratos b0becc56bb49
    28 Jan 1819:42:4412:59sranked 2v2[1.02+ r11] Forgotten ForestLoss-351015BHjanea , Xtremizer , Senna` 1bc6f04f9e52
    28 Jan 1819:27:5210:30sunranked[1.02+ r11] Forgotten ForestLossT-59janea , Senna` 2f9eb77a5ae5
    28 Jan 1818:53:3112:22sranked 2v2[1.02+ r11] Forgotten ForestWin211050BHjanea , w3goth3rock3ts , Zakhar1989 b7c5835eef02
    28 Jan 1818:42:044:16sranked 2v2[1.02+ r11] Forgotten ForestLoss-351029GDIjanea , w3goth3rock3ts , Zakhar1989 f29b0aebcc00
    28 Jan 1818:33:207:9sranked 1v1[1.02+ r12] Tournament DecisionWin101406GDICZ_tauren 48c5e3571a52
    28 Jan 1818:19:2412:51sranked 1v1[1.02+ r12] Tournament GalaxyWin101396ZOCOMCZ_tauren bbc1885e8840
    28 Jan 1818:13:181:52sranked 1v1[1.02+ r12] Tournament HighlandsWin231386T-59Maze. 3c6036cfbec9
    28 Jan 1818:04:507:22sranked 1v1[1.02+ r12] Extraction PlateauWin261363GDIMaze. 36a6fad8c272
    28 Jan 1817:54:149:54sranked 1v1[1.02+ r12] Tournament ArenaWin311337NodMaze. 9ba99873a87d
    24 Jan 1819:26:4211:37sunrankedTiberium Gardens III (5)LossGDINighthawk , OnePunchMan , isomaki , EA_Account_Name 09cb378a3244
    24 Jan 1818:46:2627:37sunranked[R12] Isthmus of Insanity (5)LossSTNallieheai , noobc4k3 , sonheaq , XXcyberstormXX 86a6604a5b2f
    24 Jan 1818:17:1624:18sunranked[R12] Isthmus of Insanity (5)LossScrinNallieheai , Ekko^ , noobc4k3 , XXcyberstormXX be7bd84216fe
    24 Jan 1818:00:509:22sranked 1v1[1.02+ r12] Tournament RiftLoss-351306GDIDVMIR 0cd009c09ff7
    24 Jan 1817:51:406:31sranked 1v1[1.02+ r12] Tournament OdysseyLoss-351341GDIDVMIR 21ccc01f8d42
    24 Jan 1817:35:2813:41sranked 1v1[1.02+ r12] Tournament OdysseyWin201376GDIDVMIR bc24553357ed
    24 Jan 1817:12:2521:53sranked 1v1[1.02+ r12] Tournament DecisionWin231356GDIDVMIR 483dc91e4da3
    24 Jan 1817:03:078:20sranked 1v1[1.02+ r12] Tournament ArenaWin271333GDIDVMIR 802b13c5e1d9
    24 Jan 1816:51:496:39sranked 1v1[1.02+ r12] Tournament ArenaWin111306GDIBlunt9001 cd9313fdcc8d
    24 Jan 1816:37:3111:1sunranked[1.02+ r12] Tournament RiftWinGDIBlunt9001 dd85aecc830d
    24 Jan 1816:30:145:33sranked 1v1[1.02+ r12] Tournament OdysseyLoss-221295GDITechnique e36c92162147
    24 Jan 1816:19:1810:4sranked 1v1[1.02+ r12] Tournament CraterLoss-251317GDITechnique a02536d7d2f5
    24 Jan 1815:57:5620:32sranked 1v1[1.02+ r12] Tiberium RiftLoss-291342GDITechnique 352adddb0d87
    24 Jan 1815:52:015:13sranked 1v1[1.02+ r12] Tournament GalaxyLoss-341371GDITechnique 78fc563531ef
    24 Jan 1815:42:487:52sranked 1v1[1.02+ r12] Tournament GalaxyWin101405BHApeOfSteel 4ec8f5a08590